Find the true self, where one can meet the great existence.


A few months have passed since I first visited Sato Qi-gong center.
My first impressions of him were pleasant, then I felt as if we have been congenial spirits for years.

When I stood before him, I had a little knowledge about his profile from a book, it is inconceivable that he is one of extraordinarily capable masters of Qi. His smile makes people feel relaxed, however, from his prudent manner I could find a trace of his occupation at a certain power company. I thought him to be reliable on the point of his ordinary and down-to-earth attitude. Most of people who has unstable feeling find this invisible unknown Qi world no trust worthy.

But his good nature can sweep away this unstable feeling, that is to say, I trusted his human nature. At least that was my case.
A friend of mine who would meditate for many years recommended me a book on those therapists, titled "Wonder of Remote I healing". I have also been meditating three years now, and I already had some knowledge about Qi energy world written in this book so that I had little doubt whether that is right or not. Yet, the uniqueness of "Qi-gong of Sato method" amazed me. On the spot,I sensed it worth experiencing.
A great opportunity of "out of the body experience, or more exactly, to go to "the universal Life-Energy Fields",is what Master Sato specialized in. This Qi therapy heals physical and mental disorders, and it has to be noticed that this is the energy which develops capabilities of unknown world in the subconsciousness.

Now that I have worked hard as a freelance writer for a long time, it might bebetter for me to take a rest for a while and ponder on my mission of the lifetime.Then I found the existence of Sato's Qi world which would eventually dawn on me , I expected that this Qi would answer me through enhancing my mental endurance and receptive ability of Qi energy.

Mr.Sato is a man of originality. His Qi method has many excellent attributes, some of which I could not find in other Qi therapies.
I am always struck with admiration to see him remain casual during Qi-gong opration, because he can converse with me or even answer the phone at a time.

Once the Qi emission is conducted the channel,it seems to me, the Qi energy keeps flow out of him constantly. The positive fact is that the warmness in my abdominalregion produced by his Qi emission did not fade away even when we had the conversation. I started receiving Sato's therapy with the basic session, which he calls an analog mode course consists of warming form and cooling one. In this setting, the warming form works toward the lower charka in the abdominal region, then the emission concentrates only in the lower charka, which is related to the physical world,to make it warm and powerful.

In cooling form, "widening Qi energy" given toward the middle chakra in the breast to conduct a cool sensation like the wind. Then I found myself feel relaxed at peace.

Repeating this set of on and off in turn, I felt the sensation of warmth which was filled with the fine substance and the warmth was raised gradually. Aa far as I am concerned, at the first stage of the therapy, in the warming form, I had a sensationof warmth elevated from the lower chakra.

Sato's Qi method consists of the analog mode and the digital mode, and the latter's quantity is determined by value of expanding or contracting Qi energy. I have received this digital mode therapy these months. The difference between two modes, under such conditions as these warming-up functions, is that the analog mode makes the point get warm evenly, on the contrary the digital mode especially the working form (contracting Qi energy 40%, expanding 60%) gives a little clearer warmth as well as the enthusiasm for work and the liveliness.
This digital working mode seems to me the helping way to heal us, the stress-stricken people these days, who have to struggle for the living.

Mr. Sato revealed the clue to "digital mode", which one day flashed through his mind. After applying this idea to his clients, with their support to this mode, he incorporated it at once into his method. Consequently, it seems that Mr. Sato develops his Qi-gong deeper and more enriched in many ways.

One of essential points of Sato's Qi therapy is, either face to face or remote Qi healing,or for practicing by client himself, that his clients are required to put the palms on their abdominal region. This Qi focalize three chakras, the lower, the middle,and the upper(on the forest), with great care.The reason to do so is to keep those reciprocal actions balanced.

As mentioned above, being conscious of the existence of the lower chakra all the time, this method progresses the lower chakra to be charged with Qi energy, and at the same time, develops other chakras.

As a geneal rule, correlating with the raise of the Qi level of the lower chakra, the middle and upper chakras are getting activated; then the client feels his mind extricated from reality and his body lost the sense of presence. So to speak, the client is on the way to the stage of "out of body experience" from the depths of meditation. To keep putting the both palms on the abdominal region reminds him of the existence of the lower chakra, that is the relations between the body and the consciousness in it. Eventually, the stable state of mind can make the subconsciousness to go out.

However, in the altered states of consciousness, it is necessary to tie the sense of presence to the body just like to have a good grip of a flying kite. In other words, a part of consciousness which goes out of the body is still controlled by its root. This explains that you do not need to have "a near death experience" for "going out of body experience"; under Qi-gongist's guidance, it is probable to make "an out of body journey" in safety.

After received his therapies by the way of face to face and remote Qi healing several times, I often meditate by myself as far as time permits. I choose the working mode in the morning, before going bed the sleeping mode, and for feeling relaxed the warming mode. So far, I have not experienced "an out of body journey", however, it is certain that I have gotten a good effect from it mentally. From time to time, I sense a certain great existence that watches over me and puts my mind at ease. To go on living means to be under many kinds of stress. As for me, I became less nervous these days. My peaceful mental condition can be making people around me comfortable so that I have had many unexpected encounters with a smile and friendly relationship with them.

"In spite of those unjustifiable wars and inhuman evil-doings in the world,"always says Mr. Sato, "through this Qi therapy there must be an opportunity for everybody to realize the connection between himself and the universal substantial energy field, Something Great and himself.In this way, the world peace, without any trouble, will come true." Mr Sato's Qi method establishes Qi connection with their innermost in those who receives his Qi therapy. As the result of it, Qi energy, as much as they need, will be given both the outside of body and the inside of chakra directly. This seems to work as a priming the pump to make the clients Qi start to flow toward the so-called Something Great. Mr. Sato, as a guide, gives a helping hand to each one's growth of inner life using his Qi-gong method.

It occurs to me that there must be the definite intention of the Something Great of the universe which sends us this superb Qui-therapist.